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Louie Sison


My name is Louie. I have a blog in SEO, Earning Money Online and Blog Tips niche. It's
Now, me and my girlfriend developed an online community for all Kapampangans. The site is
In this site you can, connect to your friends, upload pic and sounds, upload and download you files, create a blog, join forums, manage buy and sell, chat, and many more.

I hope I will see you there. Members are growing in number so don't be let behind.

Louie Sison


This is near our place in Pampanga.


I know this place! By the looks of it, that is MacArthur hi-way. Penitensiya is widely practiced here in Pampanga


was googling on pictures of penitensiya to show off to my american fiance when i came across your site. this is really cool. very informative photoblog. am so proud of you:)keep up the good work.


I don't have the answers.
Maybe tradition, belief.
The Philippines is still a very catholic country.


Your blog is incredible! I'm speechless! This set (easter) is very impressive.
Why this people do this? Why? I don't believe this things happens!


It's one of the most marvellous shots I've ever seen! :) But... the theme just creeps me out... This whole christian Easter traditions just make me go nuts (and I'm a christian...)!

anne []

Love the whole Good Friday series. Very moving and intense images...

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